Off on the Right Foot

This month has really gotten off to a great start.  I had one of my best days EVER on 2/1 – the date of the previous post.  Since then, I have visited my hometown and spent time with my family and best high school friend, Teddy.  I have also finished The Help, attended a Superbowl party, taken my dog to the park (twice!) and succeeded in running 6 miles (in 2 3-mile runs).  My classes are going well, my schedule is nice and regular, and I am feeling really positive about the future.

The weather has returned to slightly more seasonal conditions, with a slight skew towards warm.  I am told that a cold winter will make me appreciate the glorious spring.  Maybe it’s true, but I could be satisfied with a much less equal seasonal ratio.  In my ideal world, 15% of the year would be winter, 35% would be spring, 20% would be summer, and the final 30% would be fall (but the kind of early fall that could never be confused with winter).  We tend to lose spring to summer quite quickly around these parts, and if you don’t keep a close eye on fall, a cold wind and rainstorm can make it feel like winter FAR too early.  Oh, and in my imaginary world, I would be impervious to humidity (but it needs to stay around to feed the plants and animals, of course).

Oh, here’s something silly…  Tonight, I had pizza (mini-crust to which I added sauce/cheese and baked) and carrots (I buy them “loose” and then peel and eat them.  For whatever reason, this particular combination of foods was 142% more delicious than it usually is.  Now, I like both of these items very much, or else I would not have prepared them for my dinner.  But tonight, the carrots were just the right level of sweet and crunchy.  The pizza was just the right ratio of sauce to cheese, and it was baked for the perfect amount of time.  All the food-stars aligned to create a delicious meal for me.

Or maybe it’s just that dinner tastes SO MUCH BETTER after I’ve gone for a run?  I think there really must be something to this whole “exercise” thing people are so excited/guilty about.  Seriously – if someone’s talking about working out, they’re either bragging that they did it, or trying to make an excuse why they didn’t.  But I am working out with a goal in mind: 10k in 2012!  And I’m going to try to keep improving my runs until I reach my goal.  And I am also noticing the side-effects of a positive mood, improved digestion, increased fitness level, and the pride of sticking to a goal.  I tried all of last year to improve at running by trying to get faster, and when that didn’t work, now I’m trying to go farther, but at a slower pace.

Slow and steady always wins in my book 🙂


One response to “Off on the Right Foot”

  1. Kimberly says :

    Food DOES taste better after a run! (Well at least to me too!) It’s one of the best parts of running!

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