I’ve Got a Beautiful Feeling

Everything’s going my way!

Oh boy do I feel like a million bucks today.  It’s just one of those days that comes along every once in awhile that makes you feel as though you can’t stop smiling.  And after my run this afternoon, I couldn’t stop smiling OR moving.  But let me start at the beginning.

This morning I had tests in both of my community college classes, which sounds like it would be a terrible start to the day.  But I got up in time to have a calm morning, made myself some chai tea, and had a relaxed study session while watching Stewart and Colbert.  Then, I went to my first test and blew it out of the water!  I left campus for lunch at Tropical Smoothie, where they were giving away free samples of a delicious new flavor: Gimme 5.  After studying over lunch for test number two, I went back to campus to take it.  Test number two was not only composed 100% of material I had studied, but it took me less than 40 minutes.

After getting out of class early, I decided to celebrate my success and this GORGEOUS 70-degree weather by going for a 3-mile run.  A run of this length is not terribly ambitious for me, but it is more than I typically run at the gym (2-2.5 miles).  The run went very well, and apparently there was a little extra spring in my step, because I ran that distance in exactly 40 minutes, which is faster than I’ve ever done it!  And while I know that clocks in at an unimpressive 13:17 minute mile, it’s progress for me over that distance.  I think as long as this weather cooperates, I’m going to try to add distance at that pace and see if I can work up to my 10k ambition.

Then Bonnie and I visited with Max and Will for a few minutes before heading to the dog park.  And because it was so nice out, we spent almost 2 hours there playing and socializing.  It was just too gorgeous to be inside while it was bright out!

Now I’m home and ready to eat some delicious leftovers, watch Glee, and pack for a visit to my grandparents this weekend.  It will really be an action-packed weekend, because I’ll get to see Teddy PLUS my aunt Lynne who is also visiting.

I was just so jazzed about today that I couldn’t hold it in!  Feeling great and loving life; isn’t that how every day should be?


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