Today I Acted

I may not have gotten out of my pajamas on this lazy Sunday, but I did manage to get some things accomplished.

I closed a credit card account due to fraudulent charges.

I did a load of laundry AND a load of dishes.

I tidied my upstairs (though the “deep cleaning” is still ahead of me).

I studied for my tests this week.

And I wrote a check for my city taxes, to be mailed when I take the dog for a walk in a few minutes.

The rhythm of my life has certainly changed this month.  With the onset of classes, I have more places I need to be on more days of the week.  I am also finally getting back into the running habit, if you count Wednesday, Saturday, and plans to run tomorrow as a “habit” already.  There is also a lot of uncertainly in my family right now, and I’ve already gone to visit my grandparents once this month, with plans to go again this weekend.

I hosted 2 parties this month, which had the unexpected side-effect of making sure my house was cleaner than usual.  Now that that’s over, I was thinking of applying for a part-time job in the medical field, but until I know more about what my grandfather is going through, I don’t want to start anything else new.

It’s funny how you can have both an increase in routine and a decrease in stability at the same time.  Life is never short on curve-balls.


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