Can’t Make Me

When there is something I do not wish to do, I find that my typical approach is to find the most tedious and time-consuming way possible to do it, and then keep procrastinating until the only alternative is death, figuratively.  For instance, I started trying to study at 9pm tonight.  Three hours later, and I have only finished half of my outline and haven’t completed the associated assignment.  This is also why there are dirty clothes covering my bedroom floor, and dirty dishes from yesterday all over my kitchen.  Oh, and there are clean dishes from last week in the dishwasher.

This is why I often start blogs I only half-heartedly want to write and end up leaving them in perpetual “draft” form.  I can’t help but avoid things, because there is so much more interesting stuff out there to do like finding my old blog from 2003-2005, finally checking Pinterest to learn that I have over 70 followers, and reading half of the Adulting Blog.  Oh, and checking facebook as often as possible.

However, there are times that I am really efficient and great at getting things done.  I can’t quite determine what form of demarcation there is between efficiency and procrastination in my mood.  Perhaps there is a tipping point, beyond which procrastination simply cannot stand up against reason.  There is also certainly a tipping point where procrastinating becomes dull, and the only interesting left in the world is what I SHOULD have been doing for the past two hours.  I rarely reach that point, but it has happened on occasion.

Also, fun story, an “age analyzer” website thinks that 3 of my blogs were written by a person over 30.  Either I have always written like an adult, or that program is whack.

Edit: I did manage to finish the outline and assignment (still an A, though with a couple of stupid mistakes), because I told myself I wasn’t allowed to sleep until I did.  Also, I’ve decided unequivocally that from now on, Friday is my official Day Off from homework.  I might still study on weekends, but I will never, ever be caught doing homework on Friday.  Moving forward, this will also include working past midnight, as I did tonight.


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