Writing About Life

There are many times in my life where I ask myself why I write…for whom do I write.  Writing in general seems to be for the purpose of being read, but who is my audience?  Since this blog may be viewed publicly, I am keenly aware that anyone in the whole world could read it, and I take precautions to leave out specific names and places.  Or, I only include them if it cannot be directly linked to me or the place that I am living right now.

But ultimately, I am writing a chronology of my own life, to be reread by future me.  Without writing about life, it would be more difficult to remember the events that transpired in my past.  However, there is a tradeoff, because I must take the time to do the recording and make the writing not only practical but interesting.

And there is certainly a bias, as has been pointed out my several friends who read this blog.  My personal bias is to write about positive things, but I also write about particularly negative things, if I can’t get them off my mind.  The result is that this blog chronicles the EXTREMES in my life, leaving out much of the middle-of-the-road, day-to-day events.  Certainly, these events may be considered “less interesting” by readers and myself.  However, what this blog does not do is accurately portray my life exactly as it is now.

As a result, when I go back and read this blog in the future, I will be predisposed to remember only the very good or very bad things that I took time to write about.  I am creating the rose-colored glasses that I will wear when looking back on my own past.  But I don’t know any other way to do it.  I try to have a positive attitude on life in general, so that comes across in my blogs.  If I choose not to write about the mediocre things, it’s just because I don’t necessarily want to highlight those memories.

That being said, this is some of the every-day stuff I’ve been doing recently.  On days when I don’t have scheduled events such as class or social gatherings, I tend to goof off.  In the best case scenario, I do a little work at my own pace, and also take breaks to catch up on TiVoed shows.

I also sleep in, but I do that as much as I possibly can on any given day, because I really believe in the power of sleep.  Because I can afford to, I refuse to give up the luxury of “enough” sleep, because I believe it is very important to overall health.  I may one day be at a point in my life where sleep is compromised for other priorities, and I certainly did not get enough sleep in college.  So right now, given that I can, I sleep to my heart’s content.

I start many little projects, some of which I finish in a timely manner, and many of which I never finish.  I plan social outings, check in on friends, and try to ignore the fact that I am neither dating nor anywhere close to dating.  It’s just not something I have access to right now, and I don’t wish to change my lifestyle just to potentially meet someone.  I suppose this will become more of a priority as I get older, but I will also continue to value my independence, so we will see how it all plays out.

Right now, I am rooted to my community.  I would like to adjust my attitude and lifestyle so that I have the ability to relocate if the opportunity becomes available or it becomes necessary.  I am uniquely settled, but also open to getting unsettled.

I’ll end this now.  I just wanted to keep up the habit of regular posting in 2012.  Next up is the habit of regular running.  Gotta get those endorphins!


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