OMG Moments

First, I have now officially met Baby Ben!  There are several things I did not know about newborns before now, and several I have forgotten because it has been over two years since newborn-Henry existed (he’s now toddler-Henry!)

1. Newborns are exceptionally tiny.  It’s kind of unreal.
2. They have a uniquely warm temperature.
3. They really don’t move around much.
4. Most of them have blue eyes at first.
5. They make unique sounds when exposed to uncomfortable things, like room temperature air on their behinds.
6. They tend to have a perpetual milk mustache.
7. Their skin is softer than anything else that exists.
8. They are as cute as it is possible to be.

Henry and I got to meet Benjamin yesterday and spend a few hours with him at the hospital, but my first real quality time with him was today.  The 20% larger family returned around 3pm today, and let me tell you, it is much less intimidating to interact with babies outside of hospitals.  There’s something about hospitals that makes you want to disinfect your whole body before coming within arms’ reach of brand new babies.  But at home, as long as my hands are clean, I feel comfortable holding the baby carefully.

After I made dinner for the family, I got a chance to hold Ben while his parents gave Henry a bath and got him ready for bed.  That’s when I really came by all those realizations above.  My favorite moment of the night was when we walked into Henry’s firetruck room and Benjamin was fascinated with Henry’s Christmas lights.  It was so cool to see his baby blues looking all around the room at the lights.

I’m back at home now, getting ready for my classes to start tomorrow.  But of course I couldn’t resist taking an hour to watch tonight’s episode of ABC’s Once Upon a Time.  It was a phenomenal episode in a series of amazing stories.  It really has a Wicked-esque quality of twisting traditional fairy tales, and filling in an untold back story.  And I really love how all of the different fairy tale characters are fitting in to one world.  I love many TV shows, but I don’t usually GUSH about them.  There’s just something classic about this series, and I love it.

So, I’ll be facing a whole new set of challenges as I move forward into the coming weeks.  But I feel good…I feel pumped.  I’m so glad Benjamin has arrived, because I’ve been anxious about it for weeks.  And his timing was just so perfect.  Now on to the next event!


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