Balancing Act

I think I’d like to talk a little bit about my habits – those that I like, and also those that I’d like to change.  In particular, I’ll be highlighting what I’ve changed recently, and the changes I need to implement to be successful in the immediate future.

A “+” will indicate a positive habit or change, while “~” will indicate a negative.

+ I’ve gotten better at writing cards and thank you notes to friends.
~ I’ve gotten worse at remembering to call people I don’t see regularly.
+ I’ve been much better about keeping the downstairs presentable.
~ Upstairs cleanliness, including laundry, has suffered.
+ I intend to start a weekly cleaning regimen.
~ It is very likely that I will still neglect the dusting and plant watering.
+ I will be renewing my gym membership this month.
~ I have failed to run regularly since this summer.
+ I am setting new running and workout goals to help keep me motivated.
~ I have been awful about staying up too late.
+ I’ve been much better about taking Bonnie to the park.
~ Bonnie’s breath smells awful.  Need to address this ASAP.
+ Bonnie is a really sweet and well-behaved dog.  I’m lucky to have her.
~ I have many ways to stay organized, and it usually works, but I need to compile everything in one place.
+ I just bought a 2012 planner, and am planning to use it to keep all of my dates and assignments straight.
~ I tend to leave things on my to-do list for weeks at a time
+ I do follow up with everything eventually…
~ I don’t often buy/eat the right kind of food – worst when I eat “out” – wasting money and getting little nutrition
+ I have been much better about meal planning and not wasting food.  Must push forward.
~ I watch too much TV. Way too much.
+ I cancelled Netflix and have been reading more lately.
~ I sleep/wake very odd hours – not healthy.
+ With my new routine, my schedule should be much more stable.
~ I could go on making this list forever, but I will stop now.

I just wanted to bring to light some of the things I’m working on – ways I have improved, and ways I can continue to do so.  I know this isn’t the most interesting post, but it’s the day-to-day stuff that sometimes means the most to me years later.

On that note, today was pretty great.  After a pretty easygoing morning, I ran a few errands, then went to the dog park.  Nearly everyone was there (Donner, Tonya, Janice, Ginny, Marty, Cathy, Stacy), and Bonnie had a great time playing.  Then I popped over to Marty’s house for just a bit to get the mug I had left there weeks ago.  Finally, after I made a simple dinner at home, Carlie came over and we watched TV.  More specifically, we watched The Bachelor.  I haven’t watched that show since I was in high school, but she enjoys it, and I figure it can sort of be “our thing” as she’s about to have her second child and will be on leave from work during most of its season.  Plus, we really enjoy the sort of reality shows where we can make fun of the participants, a la Miss America.


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