All-Star Week

Have you ever had one of those weeks where plans just fell into place, life was wonderful, and you got to see nearly all of your favorite people?  I just did, and it was great!  Let’s recap…

Last Wednesday, said goodbye to my roommate and my Little for winter break.  As much as I’ll miss them, I enjoyed the quality time of taking Little to the airport and meeting roommates’s parents.  That evening, I had choir practice as usual, and it was wonderful and fulfilling.  I have been out of town a lot this fall, and I haven’t made it to nearly every practice, so I always appreciate those I’m able to attend.  Following that, I had my weekly Wednesday conversation with my college Roomie.  We’ve been keeping this up with shocking regularity for over 6 months now, and I feel like it’s really strengthened our friendship.  I was lucky enough to see her twice this year, and I’m going to visit her in March!

Thursday evening, I had delicious Mexican food with my sorority alumnae group.  Those ladies are always a blast, and I even met some new members at this event!

Friday afternoon, Lyds and Yuri popped by to sell me a textbook and give me giraffe presents – oh, and to see my decorations.  That evening, I had game night at my house with Chelsea, Molly and Eric.  We played ‘What’s Yours Like?’ which was ridiculously fun and full of laughs.  Add pizza, beer, and lots of hugs and it was one of my favorite evenings in quite awhile.

Saturday morning, a large contingent from the Dog Park group met up for a special breakfast/cooking event!  I’ve gone every year for the past several years, and it was just as great this year – beautiful and festive.  That afternoon, Regan came over and we ate fondue and rented The Help on RedBox.  And then that evening, I attended a neighborhood game night which was full of sugar and inside jokes.

Sunday morning I got up for church EARLY because we put on quite a production, with all 3 choirs and children’s bells too.  It was a beautiful service (both times) full of wonderful people.  I sat between Rebecca and the lovely Barbara, who told me, “I’ve never sat down-voice from you, and let me tell you, it was such a pleasure, you have a beautiful voice.”  That was such a flattering compliment from Barbara, who is an extremely talented alto section leader.  Sunday afternoon, Stacy made me a wonderful crock pot roast, and we watched her Yule Log on TV and talked about food and friends.  Then we made a quick trip to the dog park before I left for Christmas Town.  The “girls” and I had a great time looking at all the lights and visiting Santa!

Monday evening, I had what I hope will be an annual tradition – a gift swap with Cathy, Brian and Stacy.  They all gave me some of the coolest giraffe presents I’ve yet encountered (Lyds did an equally wonderful job with the mug and giraffe glass set).  And we just had a great evening – with dinner, TV specials and lots of laughs.  They’re part of what makes the Dog Park group feel like family.

Tuesday I met up with Lyds for a spontaneous lunch, because though hardly a day goes by without talking, I sometimes go weeks without seeing her.  Not the case this time, as I just saw her Friday, but I won’t see her again til after Christmas.  Then in the evening, Carlie and I enjoyed dinner at Five Guys followed by half price movies – New Year’s Eve, so good! – and fun times.  We normally hang out every Monday, but the half price deal is only Tuesday, so we switched for this week.  We’re all counting down the days until her pregnancy comes to a fruitful end, at which time I am on-call as a babysitter for Henry.

So as you can read, it’s been just a wonderful week.  I couldn’t ask for better friends – seriously!  I love them, each and every one.


One response to “All-Star Week”

  1. magnoliahugger says :

    Hoorah for people (and giraffes)!! I’m glad you had a lovely week. 🙂

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