Failing vs Failing

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

I’ve really been struggling with life’s problems lately.  My life’s problems are not unique, but they are relatively uncommon among my friend community.  I’m dealing with running a business, owning a home, and figuring out all of my bills and taxes.  I’m also dealing with putting my life together again after losing my mom 9 months ago.  My life went from feeling like an open field of endless possibilities to the burden of responsibilities with no safety net.  Right now, I feel like life is nothing but bills and figuring out how to pay them.

Last post, I was excited about going back to school for nursing because it was going to give me some security.  Now, I’m really worried that I can’t make things work until then.  I feel incredibly burdened by the thought that I will encounter a personal doomsday and won’t be able to support myself.  How can I live the rest of my life, develop relationships, get involved with my community, when I feel this way?

I think I’m partially a victim of the media and the entertainment industry.  The media is all doom-and-gloom, and TV/Movies are all escape-from-reality.  Well, I feel like I’m constantly trying to escape from the doom and I can never do it.

I think hope that this is just a phase.


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