Where oh where has the summer gone?

I feel as though I haven’t written in ages, but it really has been less than 2 weeks.  Still a lot has happened, so it feels like a long time!

My favorite band is Maroon 5.  About 2 years ago, I realized that in the age of iTunes and MP3 downloads, I don’t ever buy CDs.  I just buy singles – whatever is popular at the time.  As a result, I don’t really know very many bands well – just a selection of the Top 40 hits, and some other rock/alternative stuff that’s also my taste.  So I went through my iTunes library and decided that I should have at least one band that I followed and knew well.  And when I started examining my collection, the answer became obvious.  I had more Maroon 5 songs than practically any other band (except the Beatles).  Then, last summer, an opportunity came up for me to see them LIVE in concert.  And I was just thrilled, and loved every second of it.  Last week, I had another opportunity to see them, and let me tell you, it was a bit more complicated than last time…

First, I knew about this concert months ago, but couldn’t find anyone to go with me when the tickets went on sale, so I missed the window for buying good tickets online.  But as soon as the window closed, I started to regret my decision.  So I kept checking online, and to my dismay, no good seats opened up.  Additionally, I am completely fed up with the extra fees those sites charge.  I didn’t want to pay $30 more per ticket for crappy seats!  So as the date of the concert drew nearer, I convinced a friend to go with me.  She’s not as into the band as I am, so she didn’t have a problem with “lawn seating” behind the amphitheater.  I was okay with this idea, too, because it was a LOT cheaper, and I had seen them live before – I just wanted to go for the music and the experience.  However, when we got to the box-office a few hours before the show, we decided to ask if there were any better seats left, and sure enough, there were!  We lucked out and got 6th row center – not on the floor, so it was about 30th row from the stage, but still.  SO GOOD!  It was an AMAZING concert – really.  And we felt like we had really dodged a bullet, because right before Maroon 5 came on stage, it started POURING rain, so all the people on the lawn got soaked.  I did not envy them, and was glad not to be among their number.  Plus, I actually got some legit photos so … it was totally worth it!

Also, I’ve gone to both the amusement park and the water park this week, but those visits were separated by a sore-throat illness.  Not good.  I wonder if with the concert and the park last week, that’s how I caught it?  Either way, I’m quite a bit better now.

Not too much going on this upcoming week, except I’m preparing for a housemate who’s moving in next Wednesday!  I’d say I’ve got her room/closet about 70% ready.  Hope I can get it all done this week without too much trouble!  My goal is organization for the whole house – a good end-of-summer cleaning.  Also, my grandparents cancelled the cruise at the end of the month, which is a huge relief.  I’ll probably still go up and visit for about 3-4 nights, just because I haven’t been to see them all summer.

Not a very exciting post…  But I can say that I feel a lot more prepared to handle the fall now that I’ve survived the summer.  I’m on top of my game (whatever that means), and if I slip, I know I’ve got people there to help me back up 🙂


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