Tomorrow I'll Miss You

This post is dedicated to a dear friend of mine who married a wonderful man yesterday, and is about to experience on even more changes.  First, she has just received her Master’s in Geology from an esteemed university.  Second, she is embarking on a promising new job in her field.  Third, she is leaving the east coast and most of her friends and family to pursue her career and new life.

Her wedding weekend started for me at the bachelorette party on Friday night.  Living near the water, we all met up at a wharf to take a short pedestrian ferry to our destination restaurant.  This place was the first Spanish-style tapas restaurant that I have encountered outside of Barcelona, though admittedly I haven’t traveled any major metropolitan areas in the States since my trip to Spain in March.  The desserts and cocktails were delightful, as was the company.  We played a few games, and then proceeded to rate the bride’s blushing as we gave her each scandalous gift.  Comparisons ranges from “tomato red” to “boiled lobster red” and were greatly amusing to all.  Two friends and I joined in on one geology-related gift – PJs that read “You can check my cleavage, if I can test your hardness.”  Even if you don’t get the geology-humor, you’ll realize that it’s funny and pick up on the innuendo, I imagine!

I didn’t see her again, of course, until we got to the church.  However, I did not have to wait for her grand entrance!  Thanks to my careful planning (we left 2 hours in advance for an hour long journey, in case of traffic) and Lydia’s observant sign-reading (she saved us from a 4-mile back-up and directed us along an alternate route), we arrived about 30 minutes early. As we were using the powder room, the beautiful bride popped in to use the mirror for a last-minute lipstick check!  It totally caught me off guard, because she looked so stunning in her dress.  It was like going backstage at a really famous event, because the bride is definitely a celebrity on her wedding day!

The ceremony was absolutely lovely, with hymns, readings, and even a “sermonette” by their pastor.  And the decorations were a highlight, because the bride and her co-conspirators were able to pull-off something I’ve been pondering for years – the most gorgeous and realistic-looking artificial flowers I’ve ever seen!  Plus, getting there early earned us some great seats, to which we were ushered by handsome men in top-hats.

After the bride and groom walked back down the aisle, we all had plenty of time to get to the next venue – a reception at a stunning art museum.  The main hall looked like it was taken straight out of an Italian square.  And there were two beautiful staircases where the wedding party made their grand entrance.  The wedding had all the traditional pieces – first dances with the groom and father of the bride, hilarious toasts, and the cutting of the cake.  However, it also had some non-traditional elements, namely the fact that the museum was open to all guests!  So, in the down time when people would normally be embarrassing themselves on the dance floor, we wandered around to view great works of art.

After an evening of good food, better company, and celebrating the new couple, we took part in a unique send-off.  First, the car said “Geo makes the bed rock” which is hilarious.  Second, instead of rice or bubbles, we all had glow-sticks and formed a tunnel for them to get to the car.  It was a magical evening, only fit for such a wonderful person as my friend, JoBeth.


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  1. Mel says :

    sounds so lovely!

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