But nothing comes close to the golden coast

LATE Wednesday night… Alyssa and Coli pick me up from the airport.  Get in and immediately rally to go to Harvey’s and socialize (but not drink).  My arrival is met by a whole bunch of people blowing up and getting excited, which was a really nice feeling.  Stayed there til about 2am and then Coli and Dusty walked me back to my room at the LG.

EARLY Thursday morning, I got up and went to graduation.  It was fun, silly, and I saw pretty much everyone by that point.  Then a reception afterwards where there was food and more socializing.  Good times.  Lazy afternoon watching TV and table tennis games.  This continued to the LG poolside where about half the TLs came over (those who weren’t napping).  Hung out with Chris D, Coli, Jeff, Jack, Michelle and Chika last…

THEN after a short break back in the room, rallied again to hang out with ChrisNic, Laura, Mikey, Kristina, Javelle, (new friend) Amanda etc.  Started out in 947 kitchen, went to play Wii in TL lounge, then ended up with Chris D, Warith, and Amanda singing and playing guitar.  Lauren joined us once her crew made it back from their dinner.

The next day I slept in just long enough to feel rested.  Shortly after I woke up, I got a call confirming that most of the TLs were heading out to Santa Cruz, and that I had a spot in Dusty’s car leaving at 1pm.  Elizabeth and I met up for lunch at a nearby Mexican place to get take-out.  The burritos at this place put Chipotle to shame in both price and authenticity!  I was quite happy and ready for a ride in Dusty’s convertible with Amanda and ChrisNic.  It felt so legit to be heading to the California coast in a convertible.  I applied sunscreen 3 times in order to avoid a burn, and fortunately I was successful!

We arrived at the hotel, dropped off stuff, and headed to the boardwalk.  It’s so cheesy and retro, but I loved it.  When the other cars arrived, we met up with them for an outdoor dinner at Boardwalk Bowling where I had some amazing Hawaiian-style pizza.  Then, we headed back to the room for a night of fun.  Most people went out, I stayed in and relaxed with a few others.  The next morning, we had an amazing brunch at Walnut Cafe.  Then we wandered around some thrift stores before meandering down to the beach.  The weather was absolutely perfect – breezy and only hot on the beach (in the direct sun).  I’m a little too restless to lay on the beach for long, so I went for a walk with Elizabeth and Chika around the shops and along the pier.  Then, after meeting everyone back the beach, Amanda and I headed back downtown to join Paula and Kristina for dinner.  We decided on Indian cuisine that was quite delicious.  Then once the next night’s hotel situation got worked out, Dusty, ChrisNic, Kristina and I headed back to Sac.  We just weren’t up for another night of excitement.  We had a great life chat on the way back while trying to stay awake (it was late).  I was luckily able to crash in a spare bed, which officially makes it my last night on campus.

Then, I met up with Josh, Abby, and Alyssa for lunch at Chili’s.  Alyssa and I spent some quality time looking over her AmeriScrapbook, which I loved.  I chilled in the TL lounge with Warith, Laura, Mikey, and ChrisNic playing Wii.  Then Vaya took me out for dinner (tried my first California Pizza Kitchen Original BBQ and had the sassiest/TMI waitress on the planet) and fro yo to use up my Big Spoon gift card.  I only had a little time from there to finish packing up all my stuff and get some hugs goodbye before my red eye back east.

Seeing everyone was so awesome!  I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. It’s been sun, fun, and lots of hugs.  I hope this end is only the beginning for these friendships, because the TLs of Class 17 were amazing.


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