Interesting titles for blogs

I’m starting to find that one of the coolest ways to get visitors to the site is to have interesting titles that contain phrases people search in Google.  One of my very most visited entries is “Why I Don’t Wear Makeup” because people are regularly searching for the phrase “don’t wear makeup” or some variation thereof.  And apparently my blog title brings it right to the top of the search engine.  I think it’s so neat that blogs these days are written about almost everything I think I’m going to make it my goal to continue to write about things that more random people will stumble across, as long as they also interest me!

Today was INSANITY.  I’m surprised that I survived today, but I did have fun.  At 5am on this beautiful Saturday morning, I got up out of bed, depriving myself of beauty sleep, and got ready for the flea market.  For those of you not in the know, I have been massively cleaning out my house, and there were just many things I figured I should try to sell rather than throw away or give away.

So, to get to the market with plenty of time to set up, I picked up my friend Brian and we took two vehicles to the market just up the road.  We were there in time to get a decent spot, and in 20 minutes we had 4 tables (plus a fair amount of overflow) piled high and ready to sell!  It was a fairly busy day, all things considering.  It was my first time there, and Brian, who has been several times, said it has often been busier.  However, I had a pretty steady stream at my tables, I think partly because I was new.  Many people come regularly, but it’s a pretty casual affair.

So, the weather was nice and sunny, but much cooler than it has been, which were ideal conditions for the market.  All things considered, I came away with more money than I expected and with most of my largest items sold.  I have about 1 box I’m keeping after all, and 2 boxes to go to consignment, but the rest will be given away to local thrift stores.  I feel pretty good about it…  And let’s see, my hourly rate for this project was about … $18 per hour, so it wasn’t a terrible investment of my time!

But all the time spent at the flea market did result in a very tired and sunburned me with plans to head to an amusement part with friends in the evening.  I had a short break in which I rallied an rehydrated before the evening festivities with Courtney and Regan.

At the park, the weather remained perfect, we rode my two favorite rides, at at my favorite place, and saw my favorite show.  And at each step of the way, it was something we all wanted to do.  Well, with the possible exception of the incredibly long line for a funnel cake at the end, but they allowed me 🙂

So at the end of this day I am physically exhausted, with sore feet, a stiff back, and sunburn.  But what do I do?  I get online to write this blog, and end up talking to Teddy and Jenna online, when I should really have gone straight to bed when I got home.  I’m going to be TIRED for church tomorrow, but my only plan when I get out is to sleep in the afternoon.  If I have the energy, I might try and fool with my scanner.  My ultimate goal in my office is to go PAPERLESS, and my first step towards this is to scan all of my important documents and ditch my remaining files.


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One response to “Interesting titles for blogs”

  1. magnoliahugger says :

    Love this! I get hits from some pretty random searches too – I always love to see how people come across my blog! I like your idea of increasing the breadth of your writing matter, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with. 🙂

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