Can I have that?

Guys, I have some of the weirdest neighbors ever.

Last week, I arranged for a Salvation Army pick-up for two filing cabinets and a metal storage cabinet (with adjustable shelves, used for office supplies).  They have a fair amount of value, but I just wanted them out of my house.  I figure I can at least write it off for tax purposes.

So I put the items outside on the sidewalk in anticipation of the 11am-1pm pickup window.  They had probably been outside 3 hours when the Salvation Army truck arrived to collect them.  I was anxiously awaiting their arrival, because I wanted to go out and meet them.  However, when the truck pulled up and I went out, I saw my neighbor there, eyeing my cabinets.

She actually had the cahones to ask me if she could take one of the cabinets.  “I just want the middle one” she said as the men who were there to pick up the cabinets stared at me.  Now, they were incredibly gracious, and told me they didn’t mind.  However, I cannot believe the nerve of her to try and steal from the charity.

This same neighbor “recovered” my wooden pallet to use for art purposes.  She also once asked me if I was living here alone, because she wanted to rent my spare room “just to sleep in” because she “couldn’t stand the smell of her place.”  I’m sorry, but there is no way on earth that I would ever give her a key to my house.

Really, many of my neighbors are quite normal.  But there are some crazies in the mix that really spice things up.  And that’s why I lock my door…whenever I leave the house.


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One response to “Can I have that?”

  1. Samantha says :

    i don’t think that’s weird! standard practice in suburbs when you dont want something is usually to leave it out front on the curb and that signals it’s free for the taking. Maybe it got weird once she asked the salvation army guys for it, but prior to that- having people take stuff you leave by the curb is de rigeur!!! I know a lot of people who have essentially furnished new houses/apartments by driving around early in the am on bulk pickup day!

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