Kickin' It

Fun weekend just ended.  Spent most of Saturday hanging out with Carlie and the gang.  We shopped, they fed me, and we all went to the park (and lived happily ever after).  That was after my first ever Google+ hangout, which was a total blast.  Everyone should get Google+ and hang out with me.

In the evening Lydia came over and we watched a movie and fell asleep in the living room chairs, so she ended up crashing in the guest room.  It was good to finally see her (she’s been so busy with work), and I even woke up in time for church in the morning.  After church, my Little and Spangler come over for lasagne lunch with brownies and ice cream for dessert.

In the afternoon, I continued my office organizing project.  And then Bonnie and I went to the park where we met up with Stacy and her pups.  It was such a beautiful evening!  I made it back in time for my long-anticipated Skype with Jabote 🙂  It’s tough having some of your best college girlfriends living so far away, but with the internet, it’s not as bad as it used to be.

Okay, this was just a quick one, because I have an “advice” one to post, and I’m anxious to start writing.



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