Clean Room

Words can’t adequately describe the joy I feel when I walk into my newly cleaned out office/loft.  I’m not even DONE cleaning it out, but I have made enough progress that I can walk in and do jumping jacks without fear of injury.  And even this little bit of progress brings me such pleasure.

A clean room is like a blank canvas.  In order to create and be productive, you wouldn’t start with a canvas that had lots of scratches and doodles on it already.  You need that empty cup to fill, that blank space to clear your mind.  It’s not that a little clutter ruins your ability to get things, done, but a LOT of clutter seems to be infinitely distracting.

I think the problem with many households these days is that they have so much stuff that there literally isn’t a “place” for everything.  Well, I am about to fix that for myself (I hope).  I am operating under the assumption that at some point in my life, I will be moving from this place.  And my current organization/declutter project requires me to get rid of everything I wouldn’t want to take with me on a move.

The first target was the downstairs bedroom.  That has since been slightly compromised by all the things I intend to sell at the flea market next week.  Then I tackled two of my closets.  Now, I am attacking the office.  I want that room as empty as possible.  And I thought it was going to be ridiculously difficult due to all of the stuff and furniture.  The trickiest part of the office is that most of the things in there have some sort of value, and even if I don’t need them, I have a tough time throwing them away.

My ratio so far has been about 1/3 keep, 1/2 sell or donate, and 1/6 trash.  But of course, I have to find somewhere to put the sell/donate stuff until I do it.  For instance, the two filing cabinets are currently in my living room downstairs.  But that’s okay for now.  The office is the main focus, and I have scheduled a pick-up to donate them on the 13th.

On an unrelated note, I have been doing so many fun and awesome things with people I love.  Everything about where I am right now makes me happy and feels so right for me.  I literally can’t imagine anywhere where I would be happier right now.  I may have said that before, but it remains the truth.  I think the reason I feel so compelled to keep examining how I feel about where I am is that I have a lot of reasons to be sad.  I mean, I’m living in the house my mom and I shared just a few months ago.  I’m in the midst of wonderful college memories, but most of those friends have left.  But there are so many good things that I could (and have) gush(ed) about ad nauseum.  I’m just so happy here, and that’s a fact.


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