There's a handle, and I've found it!

Okay, you guys, can I just start by saying how great today has been?!  Hearing no dissent, I will begin thusly.

Well, honestly, it didn’t start off on exactly the right foot.  I was supposed to wake up at 9am and I woke up at 11am instead.  Since I was supposed to be at the store by 10am, the first thing I did was call there and explain.  Luckily, my job is flexible, and I didn’t really mess up the routine too much.  We spent the morning decorating the store for our first annual Christmas in July sale!  Later on this month, we’re having a major event with big sales, refreshments, and Santa, but there are sales and decorations all month!  If the customers are as great as the decorations, it will be a huge success.

Following that, the fellow decorators and I celebrated with lunch at Firehouse.  A quick trip back to get my dog from the store, and then I had the whole afternoon to be productive!  I’m working on cleaning out the upstairs office, and I’ve made just enough progress that I’ve passed the tipping point of usability.  In fact, as I type, I’m in here now.  I just can’t wait for this room to become what I want it to be, and I can finally envision the final product!

I’ve also been so much more on top of business stuff.  It’s a lot for me to handle, but I think I’ve finally settled into my groove.  I’m on track… and any other visual metaphors you can conjure.  One of the things that I find most intriguing about this process is how much I’ve grown up.  I’m reading things, learning, seeking advice, and figuring it all out.  I would be grossly overstating my own abilities if I didn’t acknowledge the professional team I have at my disposal.  But at the same time, I have managed to communicate them all and utilize their expertise, which requires a certain level of intelligence on my part.  Really, what I’m trying to say is that I’ve grown so, so much from this.  More than I could have possibly imagined.  Out of such sadness has come such promise.

Courtney came over.  It rained cats and dogs.  My bike helmet came in the mail!  I got hungry too early in the evening, so my solution to distract myself was to cook for tomorrow.  I prepared a coffee cake and a lasage simultaneously, and timed my Chinese leftover dinner with the start of SYTYCD.  Such a good episode tonight.  Right after I finish this, I need to get started on voting…

But what I’m just trying to say is that I finally feel like I’ve got a handle on my life.  I feel like I’m more in control, and that I’ve reached the tipping point in my progress.  Now, I can envision the future where my lifestyle and my time will be sustainable.  I will soon be done with the transition and be able to return to a new norm.  I’m taking a deep breath, because this has been quite a journey so far.


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