Hey Soul Sister

What an amazing adventure!  The past two days with Chelsea and Kate have been some of the most amazing times in recent memory.  I’m so tired, but so happy at the same time, which is basically the best feeling ever.

It all started bright and early Sunday morning.  Instead of getting up for church, I got up to take care of the dogs and then met the girls for our road trip!  We all needed coffee or a little burst of energy, but we soon got our groove on and got on the road.

The first incident of interest happened about an hour away, as I stopped for gas in a somewhat familiar town, and took not one but TWO turns down one-way streets going the WRONG way.  But it was okay, and we all survived.  Despite 20 minute detour there, we still made it down to Sarah’s wedding Fiesta a solid hour early.  Not wanting to be “those people” who crash early, we just kept driving until we found something to do.

That something ended up being an antique shop where we wandered and also made some purchases.  Kate got some awesome pictures and I got a silver bureau mirror.  I also found several AMAZING roosters – hidden gems throughout the various rooms.  There was much to amuse and entertain us, the vast majority of which was one another.  With our timing perfected, we headed back to Sarah’s!

The Fiesta was so wonderful!  There were beautiful, colorful decorations inside and out, lots of amazing food, and lots of people to meet and things to do!  We played ring toss and tried on mustaches, and watched the kids play pinata and croquet.  There was also toasting, cake cutting, and egg cracking.  We got to see Sarah, which was wonderful, and Steph also made it down for the event!  The weather was beautiful, and we had a lovely and relaxed time, as our final destination was just an hour further!

Once we departed, a beautiful drive full of sing-out-loud music awaited us!  We arrived at our hotel in plenty of time to not only scope out the race site, but also buy snacks for the evening.  This was our solution because we had eaten such a big afternoon meal at Sarah’s that we couldn’t justify a full dinner.  Once we had our snacks, we settled into an evening movie that I had brought down.  Overall, we called it an early evening, with the slight exception of some “synchronized bed jumping.”  It’s one of those things where you kind of had to be there, but it was hilarious.  It’s honestly kind of amazing we woke up in time for the race… but we did!

After a short breakfast, three tired ladies departed the hotel for the race.  It was good that we arrived early for packet pick-up, because we got a great parking place as a result.  We not only got our bibs (and some excellent group pictures), but also logo-ed pint glasses!  After some stretching, and observing some strange behaviors, the racing commenced!

Let me just start by saying, we weren’t in this to win it.  But in my opinion, everyone who finishes is a winner!  There were over 700 people in the race, and though we finished late, we weren’t last!  According to the race timer, we finished this 4-mile race in 55 minutes 14 seconds, which is AWESOME as far as I’m concerned!  First of all, it was hilly.  Second of all, it was humid.  But most importantly, we did it together, and that was the most important part!  Over 100 people finished in under 30 minutes, it was a pretty intense group.  We had so much fun being there, though.  Right at the end, one lady was singing along to her iPod and we just joined right in.  The song was Hey Soul Sister, which officially became the theme song of the trip.  It was even more perfect that it came on our iPod during the drive back!

So, we got back to the hotel to get ready and check out.  While 3 girls staggered the use of one bathroom, we watched Family Feud on TV, and then played it online after that was over!  We were much better than the people on the show, especially when all 3 of us put our heads together.  Finally, we were ready to go meet our friend Kaitlyn in the neighboring town.

She took us to a really cute hippie co-op market for lunch, followed by a walking tour of the town and the office where she works.  We finished up the outing at a coffee shop where we all had delicious drinks to satiate our thirst on the incredibly hot day.  From there, we parted ways and headed back home!

The ride home was punctuated by some intermittent rain, some excellent musical selections, and a few crazy drivers.  Oh, and it was powered by a stop for snacks at a fastfood place, because what’s better for you after racing than chicken tenders and milkshakes??  But the best part in my opinion was taking the back roads rather than the major highways, because it involved a ferry in the home stretch.  It’s usually out of my way to take the ferry, so it’s always a treat when I have time to do so!

A hop skip and jump left us back to my abode, where we had to figure out or next plan.  We wanted to do the fireworks, but the weather looked threatening.  Fortunately, we already had leftover snacks, which allowed us to stay in.  We started playing Dirty Minds … and just didn’t ever stop.  Literally, this entertained us for hours.  I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in my entire life.  First of all, we’re great friends.  Second of all, we all share a similar sense of humor.  Third, we were punch-drunk on tiredness and snacks.  So, this resulted in our reading extra clues, and loading literally everything we said with innuendo.  Perhaps my favorite moment was my spit-take as Kate made a well-timed incorrect guess on her turn.

The party came to a necessary (as in, there-is-such-a-thing-as-too-much-of-a-good-thing-when-you’re-tired) ending when I got a call from my Little telling me of her arrival!  I also had to go over and take care of the dogs.  But then I got to see her, which was a much anticipated reunion!

So, all of the events listed above combined to make it one of the best weekends I could imagine.  Dominated by love, laughter, and sweat, I will always keep this experience close to my heart.  I’m just so lucky to have such amazing friends who light up my life.


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