Cleaning Up My Act

So many things have started to get back into full swing for me…

I’m back into running.  I ran every other day this week with no noticeable pain, which tells me that my injury was minor (probably caused by overdoing it before the race), and that some time off was all I needed to recover.  I’ve run 7 miles over 3 days this week, and I feel great!  It’s so wonderful to get back into that routine, because I did miss it.  A lot.

I’m into CLEANING MODE!  I’ve been tackling my closets, because the rest of my house is fine.  My situation is basically that everything looks great on the surface, but I’ve buried everything behind closed doors.  It’s kind of like a metaphor for my life, but only if I mean to exaggerate a bit.  So, as with any “organizing” project, it gets worse before it gets better.  I spent two days this week on my downstairs bedroom closet, and am ending with it about half as full as before, but with a messy upstairs.  I need to make some DEEP CUTS with regard to what I’m keeping, because I just don’t have room to save it all.  Sometime in the next month (ish) I plan to take a lot of my unwanted possessions to a local flea market, and then donate what I don’t sell.  Fingers crossed, I will be completely done with my closets and the upstairs office by the end of July!

I’ve been taking care of a lot of “business” as well.  I had a problem with a hacker on my server, and so I had to make some calls to get to the bottom of it.  Long story short, it’s safe now, and I will shortly be in a lot more control of my account.  I’ve been able to close about half of the accounts of my mom’s over the past four months…  I still have a long road ahead, but at least I’m headed in the right direction.  Financial knots will very soon be untangled!

Other than that, I just flat-out had a busy day today.  I cleaned all day, then went to the gym with Lydia.  I came home and almost immediately joined Carlie, David, and Henry at the pool.  And it was their lovely idea to make dinner for me as well (I contributed cider and dessert)!

So I did all of that, and then proceeded to watch three and a half hours of So You Think You Can Dance (both of this week’s episodes).  It’s a phenomenal show, and I’m so excited for this summer in particular.  In its Eighth season, they still manage to make things fresh and new, with another new format (Top 20 PLUS All-Stars at the Top 10 level).

So, I’m cleaning up, getting organized, getting things under control.  I have a lot more responsibilities than most of my friends in a sense.  But in another very real sense, I am only responsible for myself; I don’t have any dependents or a significant other.  It’s refreshing to only be responsible for me right now, and honestly I don’t think I could handle it any other way.  I’m lucky in that I have so many amazing friends who look out for ME these days.  I really am … so lucky.


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