Managing to Manage

That sounds less “proud of myself” than I mean for it to.  I’ve been feeling really on-top-of-things for the past few days.  I think that’s partly because I’ve been so busy.  And I need to remember that “busy hands are definitely happy hands” for me.

Saturday was pretty full, because the first part of the day was spent cleaning my house for company, followed immediately by the arrival of Ali (to watch Doctor Who) and Teddy (to crash the night).  We all left around three, because Teddy had to get to a wedding and I had to get to a rehearsal.  After a two hour rehearsal, dinner with the Eltons, a two hour concert, and a reception, the day quickly got quite long.  But the concert was absolutely amazing, representative of the kind and talented people I work with at WPC.

The next day was church and Teddy, for the most part.  I got up early and went to rehearsal despite the torrential rain!  As one choir member said upon entering the room, “It’s damp out there.”  The same amazing soprano soloist from the concert sang at both services this morning, and it was a pleasure to hear her at every occasion!  I went to my last new member class before the formal joining next week.  I should probably call them this week to ensure that my membership has properly transferred from my old church…  Then Teddy and I went out to lunch, fro-yo, and stopped at a few favorite local shops.

In the afternoon, I met Lydia for my first real running in almost two weeks!  I made it 2.3 miles!  It felt good, and my leg is almost better.  I would say it’s about 90% back to where it was.  We’ll see how it handles my getting back to the routine of 3-days-a-week running!  So in the evening, I went to the dog park and the grocery store, and then called it an early night because today was equally as busy…

In the early morning, I dropped miss Bonnie at the vet for a teeth cleaning – the kind where they put the animal under with anesthesia and do it properly.  Now that I have her back, I can say that her teeth look amazing, her breath is 100% better, and the price was incredibly reasonable!  While she was busy at the vet, I went to a water park with Cathy!  We had so much fun in the PERFECT weather, and several of the attractions are competing for my favorites.  I’ll definitely go back soon.  We’re talking about going back same time next week, while the kiddies are (mostly) still in school!

I got back from there, and after retrieving Bonnie, had one of my most productive afternoons ever!  I gave Bonnie a bath, did the dishes, took a shower, baked brownies, and made a real dinner for myself (twice baked potatoes and breaded chicken).  And THEN I went to the dog park again, bought shoes with Carlie, went for ice cream (including a doggie sundae), and acquired a watermelon.  Haha.

Tomorrow and Wednesday should be less busy than the past three days, but I’m hoping that I’m on a role with accomplishing projects!  In an ideal world, I will get the laundry cupboard, the upstairs closet, and part of the downstairs closet completed!  Oh, and the plumber is finally coming to fix my leaky faucet (after a month of collecting plant-watering-water in a bowl in the sink).

But for now, I’m plum worn out.  So I shall head to sleep.


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