Slowing Down, Heating Up

This has been a rather slow week.  I had planned for a visit from a friend, so when she was unable to make the trip, my week sort of came to a halt.  I had cleared my schedule to do all sort of touristy things with her, but in the vacuum of her presence, I have had almost no social obligations.  I have taken advantage of this in a number of ways.  First, I’ve been sort of lazy, which isn’t great.  Second, I have accomplished a few cleaning/organizing projects.  Third, I’ve used that time to catch up with some friends, which has involved three phone calls that were over two hours each.  Oh, and I’ve been obsessing over Doctor Who this week, as the mid-series finale is Saturday.  I can not WAIT to see what happens in this episode!

I’ve also been a little bit wimpy as a result of the heat.  I never would have predicted that the oppressive heat of summer would descend so quickly.  I think I mentioned just the other day how nice the weather was?  Well, that has not been the case.  It’s been sort of dreadful, and I need to do something about my negative reaction to it, as my ideal job does involve a great deal of outdoor activity.  I suppose I’ll probably feel different about it when I have a purpose.

I’ve let a lot of time go by without running, and that’s been mostly due to my fear of injuring my leg more seriously, but I’m going to go to the gym either today (if the heating/cooling guys come in a timely manner) or tomorrow morning (if not today).  I will also be taking fuller advantage of my pool as soon as I make the trip over to pick up my key.  I’m the queen of putting off simple, little tasks.  It’s even taken me most of the day to write this entry.  But tomorrow I will be productive, because I am busy.


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