Dive right in!

It’s (almost) summer!  Well, the pool has opened, so it feels like it’s summertime!  This represents the start of many things…

1) My life is about to calm down, which will allow me to accomplish the bigger projects that I’ve been putting on the back burner.
2) The weather will be lovely, allowing me to spend more time outdoors (some of which, I hope, will be for a job I have yet to get)
3) I’ll be doing some bigger trips in the coming months.  On the calendar for sure are California (for NCCC graduation) and Chicago (for the cruise), but I’d also like to travel to NC (for the race) and NYC (to go see a Broadway play).
4) I’ll be spending time with friends, and attending another lovely wedding.
5) I guess this entry didn’t have enough material to really warrant a list, but my thoughts were feeling disjointed, so I thought it would be easier to write like this.

I’m excited to go to the pool, to celebrate today with a BBQ, and for life to get calm so that I can take the “slow and steady” approach rather than the “fast and frenzied” one.

Edit: I spent the rest of the morning playing Wii and eating lunch over with Spangler & co.  Then Little Little arrived, we made fruit salad, and went to BBQ.  We also watched the first to episodes of Doctor Who, Series 6, because she hadn’t seen them yet and I can always re-watch them happily.

ALSO, I just want to put this out there…
– Early July travel to race
– Late July, travel to NCCC
– August (possibly), travel to NYC
– Early September, travel to cruise on Lake Michigan
– August/September (probably the latter) travel to WV
– October, travel to Florida
… I think that’s TOO MUCH, but I still want to do each trip individually.  What do I do?


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