Condiments – Not Ketchup

I won’t even try to cover all of the last TEN days.  I spent time with friends, took care of business, and generally kept on keeping on.  As always, plans change and reform.  I am at the end of a very short visit to the town where I grew up, mostly just to check in with my grandparents, and to see Teddy.  It has been nice to get back to my roots, see familiar faces and places, and take a break from my day-to-day.  However, I’ve been coming up here on average of once a month since my mom passed away in February, and I’m starting to get a little exhausted from all of the travel.  I know I’m wanted and (in the case of my grandparents) needed, but it’s taking a toll on me, personally.  I had tentatively planned to visit again in one month, and I still may do that, but I won’t visit again until the cruise.

Ah yes – the cruise!  We’re going to spend a week starting in Chicago, and making a loop around Lake Michigan.  It’s in celebration of Bapa’s 90th birthday, and I’ve been invited to join them!  I’m pretty excited about the itinerary – I only hope that I can go without fear of losing the job I hope to get by then.  We’ll leave for Chicago around the first of September!

And now … running.  I haven’t run as much in the THREE weeks since the race as I did in the week leading up to it, which is sad.  I am running two days a week until my leg gets better – and I have only run once this week due to my travel plans.  But every day, my leg gets a little better.  I still have ambitions to make a trip to do a four mile race on the Fourth of July, but I’ll only go if my friend Kate is still willing!

What else?  I’m having a WONDERFUL friend visit for most of this upcoming week.  Her visit to my town is long overdue, but later is better than never 🙂  I’m ridiculously excited to show her around and do all of the touristy things that I never get to do.  She’ll get to meet all my local friends at a Memorial Day BBQ that we’re having.  And actually, my other good friend is also coming up for the event, which will make it even more special 🙂

Other things in the near future: Teddy’s even shorter visit to see me, 150 year celebrations for the church (including a concert!), and a visit from Kevin at some point in time TBD.  Oh, and hopefully hearing some sort of news about the job to which I have applied.  I’m calling them in the upcoming week to check on the status of my application, as I feel I’ve waited long enough!

PS: The title of this entry is supposed to imply that I’m covering the random happenings of life, not just catching up on everything that I have done.


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