If you read these regularly, you’ll know the significance (or at least, the definition) of that word.  Either way, this entry should be evidence enough for you to catch on.  In unrelated news, “the duke” from Moulin Rouge is completely insane.

Monday: Though I didn’t intend to spend my morning moving out my Little from her undergrad apartment and into my house (just to store stuff for the summer), that’s what I did from 11am-2pm.  With a short break for drinks at Sonic 🙂

In the afternoon, I met up with Lydia for my first trip back to the gym since the 5k last Saturday.  I took a necessary week off due to my leg injury.  I wasn’t completely better then, but it has gotten progressively better every day since the race.  Mostly, it was nice just to get back to routine.

In the evening, I met up with Carlie, as we have changed our regular hang-out to Mondays.  She was kind enough to help me clean out my kitchen cabinets.  And we celebrated a job well done with root beer floats and a very belated viewing of the Royal Wedding.

On Tuesday, I got up early to do some cleaning, and kept up the momentum with a visit from my Home Document Organizer.  It may sound silly to be employing the services of a professional just to organize my papers, but if you saw my house, you would understand why I need her.  We worked for a few hours, and I’ve got things mostly in order.  Now I am trying to integrate my working vs. historical files, gather a few more important documents, and reduce the amount of paper I store in general.

Following that, I spent the rest of the day being insanely productive, making phone calls, and taking care of business.  I still have a small to-do pile left over, but it’s so much better!  I even stopped by the bank.  THAT’S how on-the-ball I was.

That’s when the day got interesting.  Due to a 7:20 movie showing, I needed to take Bonnie to the park at 6pm, which is earlier than usual.  So I called my buddies and asked that they meet earlier.  The problem was that it was POURING rain at 6pm.  And while it stopped when I got to the park, the park was incredibly muddy.  So I let the dog play, and left earlier than planned just to dry off the muddy mutt.

I made it to the movie just in time!  Seeing Something Borrowed with a few girlfriends wasn’t my idea, but I’m glad I went.  It was a good movie – a little different than I expected, but that’s a good thing.

And then today, Wednesday, I had literally no plans during the day, and so I used that time to FINALLY clean my room and do some laundry.  Things had gotten completely out of hand.  And it’s so much better now.  I think I just needed that huge period of uninterrupted time to tackle it.  And I even made it in time to eat dinner and go to the park before choir practice.

Choir was so amazing tonight!!  The music we’re singing for the concert absolutely blows me away.  I adore the fact that I joined in time to do the annual concert.  New member classes are happening now at church, and so I’m joining officially.  This has been such a positive thing in my life.

Tomorrow I’m visiting a friend down in Portsmouth, running a few errands, going to the gym, and then hosting dinner and game night!  Should be fun.


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