Hugs All Around!

That’s a sentiment that’s embroidered on a bib that the soon-to-be-born son of my friend Kelly received at Saturday’s baby shower.  The shower took place in my home, but I was not the host – as in, I did not provide the food or games.  But I did help decorate!  We had a jolly good time.  And that was followed by a great evening of burgers and salad at JG’s house.

And then there was graduation.  After a pretty normal church service (with excellent music), I had a little time before the ceremony began.  It’s so crazy – out of the 19 or so people graduating, I knew 16 of them pretty well, though I was going more specifically for a few select individuals.  And for my wedding date, miss Lydia.  It’s our tradition.  We’re going to keep going to these until she graduates (long story).  But it might be next year!  We’ll see!  I was so proud of all the graduates.  I’ll be sad to see them go, but I’m comforted by the fact that I’ll see many of them again soon – and some aren’t going very far away at all!

But alas, my train of thought has gone off-track.  It’s been derailed, if you will, by my incessant desire to chronologize my life.  Yeah, I said it.  It may be a made-up word, but it means “to record/describe the events of my life in chronological order.”  I’m really connecting the baby shower (and all the old friends I rubbed elbows with there) to the graduation by a common factor: HUGS!

Hugs are great.  You get them when you meet, and you get them when you part.  You get them when you’re feeling happy and even when you’re feeling sad.  The best friends will hug you just because, in the middle of the day, for no reason at all other than that they like you.

Hug are all different.  There are big hugs and small hugs, strong hugs and weak hugs.  There are reluctant hugs and meaningful hugs.  Congratulations hugs and I’m sorry for you hugs.  But the one thing a REAL hug can never do is make you feel worse.  Hugs are always a good thing.  There are bear hugs and cuddlebug hugs.  Some hugs sway and some hugs pat.  Some hugs knock you over and some hugs lift you up off the ground (just one of you, unless you’re on the moon).

I LOVE HUGS.  For my birthday last fall, what I wished for was lots of hugs.  When I see a good friend after a time apart, the first thing I do is hug them.  And a hug was one of the last things I shared with my mom before she passed away.

I loved this weekend because I got lots of hugs.  I got hugs at the baby shower, at the dinner, at graduation, and when I had my Little’s family over for dessert.  But I still need more.  All these special occasions come with hugs, but what I need to remember that I can get/give (with hugs, it’s the same thing!) hugs on an everyday basis.  There are countless missed opportunities to hug someone every day, and I intend to start taking advantage of them.  Hugs all around!

PS: One of the things I’m most excited about upon my return to visit NCCC for their graduation is an excess of good hugs!  So many of my fellow TLs give the BEST hugs.  And with all that hug-energy built up over the past few months, those hugs are bound to be amazing!

PPS: The best quote of the weekend: “So, are you two a couple?” *blank stare*


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