The Five Part Adventure

Part One: The Race

Woke up bright and early to get everything ready for the big 5k race!  Because the race was about an hour away and started at 9am, we decided to meet at my house to leave at 7pm.  Of course, no plan is without a few glitches.  Texted my two local teammates, and woke one up with the text.  With that and my empty gas tank, we ended up getting out of town around 7:30.  We still made it to the start line on time, even though we got lost in the city and had to navigate all the way to the on-site registration at the event.  With over 6000 participants registered, it was no easy feat.  We also had another glitch with our fourth member, as she locked her keys in the car and only got to the start line at the last possible second.  But against all odds, we found her!  And we finished the race in a respectable time, while having a blast!  The weather was about as perfect as you can imagine for a race, and because it was over two bridges, it was nice and breezy.  Immediately following the race (getting our medals and taking a team photo), we headed over to the booths for all kinds of great free stuff.  Everything from food to bandanas was free for participants!  So after checking that out, we headed back home, happy and successful!

Part Two: The Picnic

After getting ready for a second time, I headed over to the annual picnic thrown in honor of the seniors in my music sorority.  Though I am no longer an undergraduate, I still know 90% of the girls, and always love the chance to see them!  They award superlatives, give gifts, and make goodbye speeches.  It’s so stinking cute.  The great weather continued, and the food was excellent.  I’ll still see a lot of them more times before they graduate, so it’s not goodbye yet.

Part Three: The White Gloves

Upon my return from the picnic, I checked out the website for the Adventure later in the evening.  I needed to watch some YouTube videos and download the audio files.  In this interactive adventure, I was offered a choice between four leaders, and I chose the mime.  So along with the instruction to wear all black, I needed white gloves.  So I got the urge to go out and find white gloves.  Whatever it takes.  This is what happened.  I went to ACE Hardware, the fabric store, Big Lots, the craft store, several clothing stores, Icing, Bed Bath & Beyond, Belk, TJMax, a scrapbooking store, a teacher store, the Dollar Tree,  and then finally Target.  I just wanted a pair of simple, white, fabric gloves.  The closest thing I found was at icing, but they were fancy white gloves that went up to the elbow, and they were $15, so it wasn’t worth it.  While I was out, I also checked out a bike store and shopped for a baby shower gift I need soon.  And when I was at Target, I gave up and just bought some white latex gloves for show.  It worked out okay…but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Part Four: The “Reunion” Dinner

My music sorority family is wonderful, but we’re all so busy.  Of the six of us that I know, five live in the area, and three are still undergraduates.  So, the five of us who are local all met up at a cafe for dinner tonight – for the first time since Christmas!  It was great to catch up with everyone, I must say.  I love the lot of them.  And I love the food there, so it was an extra bonus of goodness.  I’m only losing one to the great big world (because she’s graduating), but I’ll get to see her at least once to give her a graduating gift.  This time of year is so bittersweet.  From there, I left straight for …

Part Five: The Heist!

So, these Adventures have ranged from Legends of the Hidden Temple to Traveling in Time.  They are completely interactive, with actors, and a great audio track that we all started at 9pm exactly.  Tonight, we “stole” a “priceless” piece of art, got “caught” with it, and then had to try and return it by “tricking” the “guards.”  Needless to say, we succeeded.  And there was a lot of great music as we ran all around the place acting silly.  The bonus was when it started raining … and the POURING.  But that only made it more epic.  I don’t think we lost any dedicated fans – but if we did, it wasn’t many.  It was SO, SO much fun.  And I ran into at least a dozen friends there, but there must have been at least 200 people (maybe more – it’s hard to judge).  It’s not the biggest adventure ever, but it sets itself apart in creative use of props.

The Conclusion

And now, after this incredibly epic day, I am READY to crash.  As a side note, I am dealing with a sore right leg, and describing symptoms to friends, they think it’s shin splints.  I am taking Aleve for the firs time in my life, and while it made a very positive difference for all my activities today, I certainly don’t want to get reliant on it.  I’m taking the next week off from running (I think I’ll go and use the weight machines instead) to recover.  Thanks to all my friends who supported me in my running this spring, and over the years in general..  I appreciate you.


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