Final Countdown

The days are most certainly numbered between now and my first 5k race – and that number is TWO.  Saturday morning, bright and early, I will be traveling with two other friends about an hour to the race, and meeting a third friend there.  We’re quite excited!

On Wednesday, I was all set to go running first thing in the morning, but two things happened.  First, it was absolutely pouring outside.  Second, my right knee is still bothering me.  It’s not in a huge amount of pain, but it’s sore when I walk on it.  So I decided to take another day off of running.  I got some work done in the morning, then around 3pm, the two local race buddies came over to my house to decorate tees!  They’re hot pink with lime green lettering, and they have our team name, which is Pink Ladies!  And we made them each a little bit different.

I grabbed a quick dinner before heading to the dog park.  The weather had cleared up by the evening, but it was still quite muddy.  A funny thing happened today – a bus load of middle school students (on a school trip?) showed up to have a picnic (it’s more than just a dog park), and they were so excited to see our dogs!  I felt like a trainer in a zoo.  Of course at the park, Bonnie is ONLY interested in her ball, and running, and is much less friendly to others than she usually is.  It’s not that she’s UNfriendly, she’s just ball-obsessed.  So some of the other dogs got more attention.

Fast forward to this morning.  I got up and did some more work on my resume.  I’m applying for a job!  I’m not going to say which one, in case I don’t get it, but I’ll certainly share the good news if I do!  I’m terrible about applying for things.  As a high school student, I applied to ONE college.  After college, I applied to TWO jobs/programs (and one was half-hearted).  This will be the first random job that I’m applying for where I don’t personally know the employer.  But that just makes it more exciting, right?

The real exciting part of the day so far, though, was the spontaneous kayaking, planned yesterday with one of my race buddies, Katrina!  She had never seen the lake, and I have been meaning to get out on the water.  We had great service from the park staff, beautiful weather (if a little on the cool side), and a great paddle!  I just love the other-world-ness of a lake in the woods that is completely apart from the city, but is still so close, relatively speaking.  I went several times last summer, and I’m going to make an effort to a few times a month for the rest of this season.

After our kayak time (a mere 6.25 each), we grabbed an early lunch.  I love hanging out with Katrina.  She’s such a kind and dedicated person.  I can relate to a lot of what she’s going through, as she’s a few years younger than I am.

Now I’m off to go submit my application!  Wish me luck.


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