Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Let’s start with Friday.  What an eventful way to start the weekend!  I got up early just to get to campus in time for an audio adventure!  This is an activity, much like rancing, that involves people running around outside and acting silly.  It’s sort of flashmob meets interactive story.  These gathering are generally open to the public, but this event was smaller and only open to those “in the know.”  As a result, I was one of TWO dedicated fans to show up for the adventure.  It was quite an different, but enjoyable, experience, given that the last one of these adventures had over 700 people present!  Fun on an epic scale, as opposed to on an intimate scale as it was that morning.  The best part was that I knew all of the people – acting and participating.  There’s a much larger-scale adventure happening in a week, which is something I’m QUITE looking forward to!

As the rest of the day went on, I bought groceries, went to work, and then dropped Bonnie at home.  From there I headed out to Lil’s house, where she had 10 of us over for a delicious five-course Italian dinner!  We started with antipasti, dined on lasagna, savored chicken marsala and ratatouille, enjoyed an orange spicy salad, and concluded with ice cream for dessert.  In between, we had sorbet to cleanse our palate.  It was SO high class.  And it was really funny, because we weren’t properly prepped for the order of the meal, and so SOME people ate dishes out of order, or didn’t have sorbet before starting.  And Lil got quite playfully angry with them!  The rest of us were just cracking up.  After dinner, we played Taboo for a little while, and then dispersed.

Saturday morning, I met up with Lydia to try some outdoor running.  We discovered that the track around the rec is quite nice, if a little hilly, and approximately 3.9km in length.  After the run, I went back home to get ready for a picnic.  I frosted cupcakes and got dressed, and when my other friend Lydia came over, we decorated them and carpooled to the event.  It was absolutely wonderful weather for an outdoor gathering, and we enjoyed good food along with several sports (volley ball, croquet, and tag/bubbles for the 3-4 year old faculty children).  I was a croquet spectator, which was highly amusing.

From the picnic, I went back home, where I gathered many friend and fellow fans for my second weekly Doctor Who party.  It was quite the spectacular event – I wish I had followed up on my impulse to snap a photo.  With so many Who fans in one room, it reached a critical level of EPIC per square foot.  And my friends were kind enough to help me eat some junk food that’s better not left in the house!

I was so inspired by the Doctor that I had a crazy idea to get up on a Sunday morning, BEFORE church, run 5k, and make it to choir rehearsal on time.  Well, I got up before church, ran 4.4km in 34:30, got ready… and missed rehearsal, but made it to the service in plenty of time.  I was at least more awake and alert than I usually am at that hour of the morning.

After church, Courtney came over to my house for some homemade chicken salad and catching up.  I love our weekly get-togethers during and after church.  And then the epic afternoon progressed with a visit from my long-lost friend Trevor!  After he graduated a year ahead of me, we hadn’t seen much of one another, but we recently got back in touch, and as he only lives an hour away, he found himself in this area today!  Well, I mean, it was planned as opposed to spontaneous, but it was quite serendipitous nonetheless.  Let’s see, he chased my dog around, fed her grapes, brought me flowers, and brought his own lunch to eat while we were chatting away.  We took a drive to a local state park, where we once co-led a service trip in college, and hiked around the water and in the woods.   Then we took Bonnie to the dog park, where she had a blast, but we didn’t run into and of my local friends.  At last, we parted ways, with plans for my visit to his hometown and the farmer’s market he manages.

After fixing myself a quick dinner, I met up with my dear friend Megan for some delicious froyo.  Coincidentally, Megan is ALSO my future housemate starting in the fall.  I’m pretty excited, and it means that I have until August to get the room ready for full-time residence.  I’m going to need it.

In short, I loved this weekend.  I saw dozens of amazing friends, ran 5 miles, cooked amazing food, and watched a new Doctor Who!  Now on to a productive week.  I think I can I think I can.


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