The Internet Blows My Mind

Here’s what I have been able to do on the internet in the past 12 hours.

  • Get recent updates on the feelings/activities at least 300 of my closest friends.
  • Communicate with friends and business colleagues on important matters, instantly, privately (well, sort of) and free
  • Check my finances and pay bills without visiting a bank or picking up a pen
  • Shop for books, movies, and clothes without leaving my chair
  • Discuss my favorite shows online with both friends and complete strangers (who are also fans)
  • Check rumors on the future iPhone release
  • Watch self-produced videos on YouTube
  • Organize plans with my friends
  • Public my own articles instantly to the public

But what’s even crazier to me is all the sheer information that’s out there.  All the people who produce original content (YouTube, webcomics), compile funny content of others (lamebook, regretsy), and comment on the content of others (blogs, twitter).  And that doesn’t even include all of the news, advice websites, databases, company websites, and professional research.

The internet is OVERWHELMINGLY VAST.  Literally anything that anyone has ever thought is probably posted to the internet somewhere.  Someone has probably written a post just like this.  Scratch that, it’s SO not an original idea that it can probably be found dozens of times.  However, the downside to the fact that everything is available is that it’s almost TOO available.  With so much “noise” online, you practically have to scream to be noticed.  I don’t know how celebrities handle the loss of their elite stardom when people like Justin Bieber and Rebeca Black ascent from nowhere to overnight sensation.

All I’m trying to say is that as much as I love the internet, I wonder if we’re beginning to approach some sort of critical mass where nobody can be famous and it will become so difficult to sort through the rubbish that we will rely on search engines completely.  And then they will really own our lives.

Random sidenote:  What’s worse… Producing 100 books that can eventually be passed down, reused, or recycled OR producing 1 iPad that will definitely be thrown away.  I wonder … with all this eBook technology, will we eventually run out of the resources necessary to make the electronics.  And how much does it replace over the lifetime of the product and over a person’s lifetime.  If I buy 1 Kindle every 5 years, does that make up for the number of books I would have bought?  I’m leaning towards yes, but it’s still an interesting question.


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One response to “The Internet Blows My Mind”

  1. Jackie Paulson Author says :

    I am an avid reader and don’t have a Kindle or ereader. I don’t think my books will be replaced ever. It’s just me. So, you have 300 friends! Wow, you are doing very well my dear. Keep up the great writing.

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