It’s such a funny word, especially when you break it down so inaccurately. I’ve been in a real “go get ’em” mood for the past several days, inspired by the springtime weather and helpful friends!

Wednesday after choir practice, I enjoyed the company of a wonderful, out-of-town visitor – my college roomie! We hung out for several hours before I had to head home. Next morning, I had a really delicious and productive breakfast meeting. For lunch, I hung out with a great friend on campus down at the ampitheater. That was followed by another business meeting and a great run at the gym. I even made time to take Bonnie to the park before coming back home to get ready for dinner.

My favorite neighbors took me out to dinner to thank me for the loan of my car last weekend. It was such a fun evening – tasty food and a lengthy conversation. Our waiter was hilarious as well – quite the chatty one.

Friday morning, I got an immense amount of stuff out of my storage unit. Amazingly I managed to clear enough space in the downstairs closet so that it’s not taking over my house. However, that is only a temporary solution. I will eventually be selling, donating, recycling or trashing at least 30% of my belongings. Maybe even more.

I spent Friday afternoon at work, left to take my dog home, and then went back to that side of town for dinner with the girls. Lydia and I arrived first and ate as we waited for Melissa. Then when she arrived we ordered dessert together and she got dinner to go. Our waiter was quite confused. And because we had so much catching-up to do, we ended up staying for almost four hours!

Saturday morning started bright and early with Easter Egg hunting! It’s one of the delightful perks of having friends with a toddler. Because they are such great friends, they spent the rest of the morning helping me take another two carloads of stuff from the storage unit. And as a bonus, we went out to lunch at Olive Garden and took a train ride around the building next door. I spent the rest of the day cleaning and organizing until Abnormal Formal!

Yes, I may have graduated, but that doesn’t stop me from occasionally going to campus events, like the spring dance. Roomie met me for a margarita beforehand and then we walked over together. It was so much fun! Saw tons of people I love, and everyone was so spiffy. The only downside was the drizzly walk back to my car.

Sunday morning arrived bright and beautiful! I went to church and had a wonderful time with the choir. Afterward, Little and I went to a Mexican buffet for lunch. I spent another productive afternoon cleaning, then went to the dog park. The weather was so nice that I decided to brave an outdoor run.

I was so nervous about the run, because I haven’t run outside since California, except for one disastrous time right when I got home. Suffice it to say that it was cold and I could barely breathe. But today it was pretty successful. It was a new experience, and I still can’t decide whether I like it or not. I was much slower outdoors than indoors, but that might improve with practice.

Then for the rest of the evening, I continued the cleaning extravaganza. I now have clean sheets on my bed, lots of clean clothes, and more more floor space than I had initially.

I am working toward a completely organized house, which will improve my life rhythm. It’s an arduous process, but the results are so positive that it’s worth the tedium. I’ve been spending so much time on this that I wonder what I’ll do when it’s all done. Perhaps I’ll have more time to sit down and read. Until then, I’ll always make time to write.

PS: Ducks at Easter are so cute!


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