Life's Like an Hourglass

These are the moments that make up a life. It’s not the big goals, or the big events, and it’s not about the future. Well, it’s not about the future unless what you’re doing now is going to harm future you. Each moment, you have the choice to be happy or to be unhappy. But the good thing is that if you choose to be unhappy in this moment, the next opportunity to be happy is right around the corner.

Yesterday, I was quite happy. I got up late because I went to sleep late. First thing to do was pack myself a lunch and meet Katrina on campus. I love seeing her, because it’s always such a positive series of moments in my life. Then I headed over to the amphitheater for an outdoor lab by the lake. The weather was unseasonably warm and incredibly breezy, which made the outdoor time even better. I ran a few errands, spent a few minutes at home, and headed back outside with the dog to the park. Saw many friends there, and had a great time.

In the evening, I came home and made tacos (I forgot how easy that dinner is). Then I headed back out again to see a FREE concert on campus. My sorority actually brought the band, so it was sort of like a private concert just for us. The band was really talented and had a great sense of humor as well. Following the concert, I went by to visit friends and ended up borrowing the movie that I am watching right now: (500) Days of Summer. Then I went by the department to visit other friends. there were shenanigans involving rolling chairs and YouTube videos. All of these things make me quite happy. It’s one of the perks of being an alum who lives close by… getting the social benefits of campus life without the pressures of academic life.

Then today, I had a morning coffee date with my new friend Rachel. The funniest part about the meeting was that I suggested the coffee shop….where she works….without knowing she works there! But we both agreed it was worth it because the food is so good. Plus she gets a discount! And then I ran a few errands, went to the gym, and went back home to find that my house was beeping. Following tedious inspection, I discovered that a fire alarm was in need of a new battery. And in order to retain my sanity, I had to actually go out the the store that instant and buy the right batteries. But I’m happy to report that the beeping has stopped.

I made a late lunch, started watching the aforementioned movie and blogging. Then Kevin called! So I still haven’t finished the movie, but I decided to just finish the blog because I can tell the movie is almost over and I think I might single-task the end of it (for once). Tonight I have a big “dog park dinner” followed by some quality Carlie time. And then I am gonna get myself back to campus for RANCING! That’s right, it’s clue week time!! Due to my early return last fall, I haven’t missed this event once in 5 years. Impressive, no? But it’s now in the hands of the undergrads, which makes me quite happy.

I think that’s quite enough for now. I just wanted to write this as an ode to the “little things” that have been making me happy recently. And I am aware of how overused “happy” is in this blog. Well, given that I wasn’t an English major, and that my feeling at the moment really is that simple and pure, “happy” will just have to suffice.


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