Luck o' the Irish

Such a great St. Patty’s Day! The day started out strangely, as I heard my friend was in the hospital and went to go visit her. But not before FINALLY taking care of my SUV with the dead battery… I let it sit for weeks, but because I was planning a longer trip tonight, I wanted to drive it as opposed to my other car that recently had a factory recall (but they can’t do the work until next week). The good news is that the SUV took a charge, and I was able to drop it off and get the work done by 3pm on the same day. There are certainly some advantages to using a local auto shop that knows you as opposed to some cheap chain.

I had meetings in the afternoon with my CPA and bookkeeper, both of which resulted in a lowering of my overall stress level. Having my finances taken care of by professionals is a great option until I understand everything better myself. It has the added bonus of making me feel like a very important and successful person.

I had plenty of time after the meetings to come home for a break, visit the gym (Continued improvement! Fastest time yet!), visit my storage unit, and come back to get ready for the evening. I picked up two end tables, and one fits perfectly beside the twin bed! I really need to clean out that storage unit and sell what I don’t intend to keep. Eventually.

Then, wonder of all wonders, I actually made dinner for myself. In my own kitchen. It was magical. I made one breast of bbq chicken and steamed some broccoli in the microwave, and ate while watching The Office: Manager and a Salesman (from Season 6). Then I headed out to join Melissa at a (free!) Carbon Leaf concert! It was a lot of fun, with a festive atmosphere. They played a good variety, and ended with some really upbeat Irish tunes. And I ran into Little Little!!! Then afterward, Melissa and I paid a visit to Firkin & Frigate – a pub nearby! We spit waffle fries and each had a Navy Grog (aka margarita).

Everything was delicious, and we managed to find a cozy booth. Though we stayed true to twampy-ness and talked about her Earth Science curriculum. I found it really interesting! Apparently, students now have to have a “Meaningful Watershed Experience” as part of a state-wide high school graduation requirement. I didn’t have one of those until college. I don’t even think I knew what a watershed was until college … oops!

So now I’m back from a lovely evening. I got everything done today that I meant to, except for taking the dog to the park. But we’ll go tomorrow. She still loves me, I expect. I have a lot to accomplish tomorrow, but I’m pretty flexible with my schedule.


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