One Day at a Time

So, I’m really slacking on the Spain updates. I’ve just had so many things to fill each day that I get caught up in those reflections and fail to return to my Spain journals. I will happen, just not tight now.

I left off my last post on Saturday evening. After the dog park, I modified my “quiet night in” plans with Lyds. We decided to meet Chelsea for dinner and drinks at the Leafe. It’s spring break for the students, woohoo! I don’t envy them at all, but I do miss getting excited about thinks like that. I guess Spain was my spring break. I think I got the better deal! We three had a great time! It’s a miracle when we’re all free at once, so I really appreciate when it happens.

Sunday morning, I decided to sleep in and simply ATTEND church, rather than singing in the choir. So, I sat with my Little and Michael. Afterward, we enjoyed a delicious lunch and our check proceeds benefited the church, which is always nice. Then I had a short break in the afternoon where I caught up with Lynne on the phone.

And the day just kept getting EVEN BETTER. I ran at the gym, and achieved my farthest distance ever. I always run for 30 minutes, but this time, I ran 2.54 miles! I track my progress on RunKeeper, and when I posted the run, it gave me a shout out for my achievement! I’m quite proud of myself for sticking with this and actually improving!

I had just enough time to get ready for my dinner plans with Amanda (and Kyle, which was a pleasant surprise!). They treated me to a wonderful steak and salad dinner. I can still almost taste it … so good! Also, our waiter recommended a new white wine that I really enjoyed. I think I’m developing my taste for wine much more as a result of all my traveling.

Today was just as busy as yesterday, though nothing happened quite according to plan! I woke up early and had an incredibly productive morning of phone calls. I’ve been waiting for “business hours” ever since I returned from Spain. I had a noon appointment that canceled. Then I canceled my 2pm appointment due to technical difficulties.

This left me with my spontaneous tea meet-up with JoBeth. I don’t think either of us intended to stay longer than an hour, but it ended up being over three! It was so so good to catch up with her, though, so I took full advantage of the opportunity to see her! However, as a result, I just barely made it to the dog park. The dogs still had fun, though, like they always do. And then I headed back out to meet Evelyn and Melissa for dinner, which was a fantastic time as well.

I just can’t seem to ever find an end to all the loving support and kindness the people in my life show me. It’s unfathomable. My support system stretches from the depths of the ocean to the tallest mountain. I could not be more grateful to be where I am right now.


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One response to “One Day at a Time”

  1. JoBeth says :

    Spontaneous tea is always the best 🙂
    Thanks for being up for it!

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