Jumping Back In

It feels unbelievably good to get back to my normal routine. In many ways, I am establishing a new normal by populating my schedule with familiar things that I need and want to do.

I got an early start this morning, paying bills, depositing checks at the bank, dropping food by the store, and going to the gym! It felt so nice to wear my running shoes for the first time in two weeks. They’re so comfortable compared to any other shoes that I have. Even the walking shoes I wore around Spain are not very padded, though they are certainly tolerable. The run today was more difficult than it was before I left, but I surprised myself by completing almost 2.5 miles in 30 minutes – right on par with my speed before the trip. I’m going to run again tomorrow so that I can get a jump on the week.

I spent the early afternoon at the store. We were really busy today, but that’s partly because we had a big sale for the Grand ReOpening! It was nice to see everyone and feel productive. And then after that, I stopped by Aromas and got my bag spiced chai tea. I’m about to leave for the dog park to take my three canine charges out for some exercise. After that, I’m not sure if I have plans, but I certainly have enough to do, so I won’t be bored.

I have a feeling I won’t be bored for many months to come. This is both a good and a bad thing, but I’m choosing to treat it as positive. As long as I do everything I need to do, I have the ability to do everything that I want to do. And I’m quite keenly aware of how lucky that makes me.

I’ll be doing the first Spain entry tomorrow, if I have time. Until then!


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