The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly in the Plain

What an amazing trip to Barcelona and Zaragoza with Kevin! To start, we got so incredibly lucky with weather. It was temperate most of the trip, colder in Zaragoza, and only rained on the morning we left! Both cities were absolutely incredible in different ways, and our days were well planned out so that we got to see a lot, but kept a reasonable pace. I had a fantastic time and it was such a welcome escape from all of the tedious things that I am having to face. Of course I still have to take care of them now that I’m back, but it’s easier now that I am looking at things with fresh eyes.

Rather than having an absolutely gigantic entry with everything all at once, I think I’m going to write multiple posts over the next week. I did a bit of journaling while I was there so that I could keep everything straight, but these posts are definitely going to be reflections after the fact, rather than what I was feeling in the moment.

In local news, I am at the end of my first full day back in the states with no sign of jet lag. I had lunch with Carlie, followed by an afternoon at work. I took a trip to buy some groceries, then had Cathy and Brian over for ice cream and catching up. Tomorrow, I’ll be running in the morning, stopping by the church, working for a few hours, and spending the rest of the day running errands and spending time with my friend Lydia!


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