Let Me Check …

My life can be summed up by pages in my fancy new “To Do” list book (free with purchase of a beautiful, overpriced purse). I now have at least six lists going at any given time… It’s insane, but it keeps ME sane. So far I’ve been doing a pretty good job at checking things off of the list, and an equally good job of thinking up more things to add to the lists. Needless to say (but somehow, I’m managing), I’ve been keeping busy.

Let’s recap… Tuesday after my morning meeting, I ran errands, talked with Kevin, went to the gym, took the dog to the park, and cleaned out my kitchen with my most excellent friend, Carlie. Wednesday I had lunch out with friends, went to work, went to choir practice, and then went to the grocery store. Thursday, I met with my attorney, ran more errands, went to the gym, spent an evening on campus with NKE, and then crashed. Friday started bright and early with a breakfast meeting, followed by errands, work, dog park, and watching The Producers with Cathy and Brian. It’s actually a great movie, but I had never given it a chance!

It’s sort of amazing to me that I’ve managed to fit all of that in and get so much else done. I’ve made dozens of phone calls, written letters, settled financial affairs, CLEANED, and still managed to show up to everything. This weekend is where I get to have a lot of fun, but make SURE that I have tied up all loose ends. Here’s hoping…

Now the only lingering question is … do I bring my To Do list checkbook to Spain? I have become so attached to it, but if I really am trying to give myself a break … To bring or not to bring, that is a cheesy reference to Shakespeare.


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