In the Bleak Midwinter

Despite the weather, there has actually been quite a bit of sunshine in my life! Since I last posted, I have been able to take Bonnie to the dog part four times, which means that I have seen many of my friends much more often. Oh, and the dog is much happier with more exercise. I’m just happy that I can put the dog park back into my schedule now that it’s open later. It’s been quite cold out, but it is getting warmer and tomorrow we are supposed to have a high of 70! Mom is also doing well in the past day or so, which really pleases me.

I have also been to the gym twice, and I am proud to say that I haven’t yet missed a scheduled day! It’s definitely a struggle to accomplish this goal, but I am trying to “love the pain” and have succeeded so far! I am currently running at 4.9 mph, and my goal by may is to be able to run at 6.0 mph. That way, I should be able to get through the 5k in under 40 minutes, which would be wonderful! I think my long-term plans for this goal will include a second 5k in the fall (with an improved time) and a 10k next spring. To go from zero to moderate-distance running in a year isn’t too much to expect, is it?

The past few days have included some wonderful moments. For instance, I sang with the choir for the first time on Sunday, sitting in on both services. The sermon was so interesting that I was able to get different things out of it each time I experienced it. Getting up early wasn’t ideal, but I’ll get used to it. And as a bonus, my Little joined me at the second service and for lunch afterward! Some ladies in the choir asked if she was my “fan club” and whether or not she’d be joining us at choir rehearsal this week. If not that, she still may be coming to services now regularly, which would be just lovely for me, because I’d get to see her more and share this with her.

Later that day, Kevin and I had a wonderfully long chat to catch up! There are fewer than three weeks between now and our trip to Spain. I think I should begin planning and preparing in earnest now. Not only do I need to become familiar with the language on signs and menus, but I need to decide what I’ll bring so that I can pack as lightly as possible. I also need to make plans for mom while I’m away so that she’s all settled in my absence.

I’ve had a great week since Sunday as well! Monday afternoon I volunteered with the intro lab on campus, and I got there early enough to chat with a few of the professors before lab started. I’m going to enjoy the opportunity to revisit the department once a week. And Tuesday evening, my regular outing with Carlie included a trip to the local library in addition to coffee in addition to grocery shopping. At the library, she got a lot of books while I got just movies and CDs. I’m watching Bye Bye Birdie right now! We try to mix up our weekly outings with both fun and practical events. But even the errands are more fun with two! Tomorrow mom and I are having my Little over for lunch, and the next night we’re having other friends over for lasagna, so I needed some ingredients. Until next time, I hold my breath as spring draws closer.


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