Cleaning, Joining

Why is cleaning up so difficult a task to face? I reject the idea that one should constantly, vigilantly clean because it seems to be a waste of time to clean preemptively. However, it’s also a bad idea to wait until the situation is drastic to clean. For instance, I don’t clean dishes in the kitchen after every meal, but waiting a week to do it has proven to be a bad idea. When the cleaning problem you face is too big to comprehend, the formerly possible becomes impossible.

I just finished cleaning out my gmail inbox, reducing the staggering number from 1600 to 26 emails. My oldest email was from April 2009, but the bulk of the unarchived emails began in September 2009. That means for all of my senior year of college, and the following summer and fall, I failed to successfully clear out the bulk of my emails. For the past few months, I looked through to see which emails I wanted to keep, but after that I archived indiscriminately. Even with this relatively simple process, it still took more time than I expected. One might argue that I saved myself a lot of time over the past year not worrying about archiving emails… But that’s simply not the case. I probably archived one out of every two or three that I received, which is why I didn’t have twice that number accrued. So I didn’t save myself any time, but I still left myself with an unorganized mess. I’m not sure what all this means, I just know that I want to try and learn from this as a lesson in life and keeping things under control.

In other news, I jumped back into the church choir world on Wednesday. It was just Sunday that I attended a service for the first time in four years. I don’t know what made me go this particular week, but I had been thinking about going for several weeks prior. I really miss having music in my life. It comforts me and brings me a great deal of joy. The members of the choir and, in fact, everyone at the church have all been so welcoming. It really makes me pleased with my decision. I’m looking forward to everything that this experience will bring.


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One response to “Cleaning, Joining”

  1. Teddy says :

    I can’t wait to hear all about Spain!!!!

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