Renewed Energy!

This has been such a busy, but wonderful, week! I worked Wednesday and Friday afternoons and went to the gym with Lydia on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. That’s going to be my regular weekly schedule, and I’m really pleased with it! As a special treat, I met Laurel Friday morning and we each got a pedicure and grabbed lunch. Friday evening held another awesome treat when we went over to Cathy and Brian’s for game night. Among other things that were awesome about that night, they gave me a really cute Hatteras Lighthouse figurine.

Saturday I took it easy in the morning, went to the gym in the afternoon, and went out with some fellow NKE alums to dinner and Sinfonicron. This year’s production was Patience, and it was phenomenal! The leads were both musically and comically talented. And it was so nice to see all the girls that I haven’t seen in months 🙂 When we were actually at the show, I also ran into my Little and some of the other current seniors. Afterward, we went to Chelsea’s room and hung out and ate cupcakes. Delicious.

Today I went to the Presbyterian Church for the eleven o’clock service. This is a big step for me. I haven’t been to a service in at least four years, notwithstanding the couple I went to freshman year when I was trying to find out if church fit into my college life. Turns out, it didn’t, and I never really gave it a second thought. But since I’ve graduated, I find that I’m looking for more of a community, and I think I can find it this way. What I’m actually most interested in doing is joining the choir, and as soon as I mentioned that to some of the members after the service, the pointed me in the right direction. I have officially been invited to the practice this Wednesday evening, and Murph is dropping off the sheet music to me some time before then.

I’m really quite excited to be getting back into singing. By the time I was a sophomore in high school, I was singing in three different choirs. Coincidentally, they were all at the church and all directed by the same people, but one was a regional, nondenominational youth choir. I was also in the youth choir and the adult choir, the latter of which sang at every Sunday service and performed one big concert each year. This amounted to over 5 hours of rehearsals each week. Music performance was such a big part of my life back then, but I completely got away from it in college. I can point to a few reasons why, but I can’t explain why I didn’t work harder to include it in my schedule. Still, it’s never too late and I’m really glad to be getting started this week!

This upcoming week is really looking great! Monday I’m helping out with a geology lab, which should be fun. Tuesday gym and hanging out with Carlie in the evening. Wednesday work and choir practice. Thursday gym and going to the Leafe with some fellow alums. And Friday playing bridge in the morning with mom, David and Marty, followed by work. Sure, maybe it’s not as exciting as some… But it’s helping my accomplish my goals and fulfill my responsibilities! And the craziest part is that the busier I get, the more energy I have. I think I’ve accomplished more in the past two weeks than in the first month that I was home.


One response to “Renewed Energy!”

  1. Joy says :

    Have a good week. And I hope your mom does too.

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