Running on Empty?

Good afternoon to all who may be reading. Though, as it is very unlikely that anyone is reading at the same time of the day as I am writing, which happens to be the afternoon, the salutation seems a bit presumptuous. Still, it does capture something about the nature of the post. Posts written in the morning or evening differ from afternoon posts, at least as far as I can tell. Morning posts tend to seem quite energetic, while evening posts tend to be written in stream-of-consciousness style. The afternoon is when I am most alert but least affected by my emotions. I think I am more practical in the afternoon. After all, half of the day is already gone, but there is still a great deal of the day to come. The morning is the time for the optimist, the evening is the time for the pessimist, but the afternoon is the time for the moderate realist in all of us.

This afternoon, I’d like to just mention that I’ve been feeling a bit worn-down, dealing with all of the new weight on my shoulders. Yesterday I was a bit of a mess, working myself up and acting very dramatic (internally, anyway). But after an afternoon spent with a friend and an evening out with mom and some other friends to see The King’s Speech, I feel much better. Still, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, but even as such I have been able to keep going. I’ve gotten my head back on straight and though the tank is running low, it’s still running.

And speaking of running, today I am starting a program with a close friend of mine to train for a 5k later this spring. This is part of a habit I want to rekindle regarding working out and making healthy decisions. I am lucky enough to have time and a flexible (albeit, unpredictable) schedule to work with for this project. I’ve wasted too much time since I returned from California, and it’s time that I jumped back on the wagon … or really, that I started running beside it rather than just lying in the ditch, in a manner of speaking.

I’ve also got some catching up to do on the organizational front, but that is very much on the back burner. I’m really excited about this exercise program and I’m anxious to have more of an active role in running the family business. After all, the income that I get from this business allows me the freedom to pursue my hobbies and social activities, without which I would be saddened. I’m learning slowly but surely how to carry on independently.


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2 responses to “Running on Empty?”

  1. I Write says :

    I enjoyed reading your post today. I always seem to read/write in the evening – the reflective/pessimistic/stream of consciousness type, I guess, rather than the optimist.

    All the best with your exercise program and contribution to the family business.

  2. Joy says :

    I like the way you described the difference in posts at different times of the day. I never thought of that.

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