Fun Around Town!

I’ve been feeling like quite the social butterfly lately! Yesterday after spending the morning running errands and the afternoon at the doctor, I headed over to the dog park! But first, I got my neighbor’s dog, Max, to join us for a bonus visit! While at the park, I spoke on the phone to my friend P Cella, who may come visit next week, and met up with two of my park friends who had gone to the beach with us last week. After the park, I dropped food at two other households (four friends) who had also gone to the beach, and stayed to visit at each drop-off.

Today, after friendly interactions at the eye doctor and our new home hospice nurse, I headed over to Authentic Guitars for my weekly lesson with Ron. After the lesson, I met their new teacher, Jessica, who is a senior in high school! Then on the way home, I stopped by to visit Amanda at the Nautical Dog and stayed to chat and have tea with her for over an hour! (She gave me the most delicious tea – Celestial Seasonings Wild Berry.). I finally headed back to my home, where mom and I had an amazing dinner of shrimp and twice-baked potatoes. As I write, I am at Lydia’s place serving as moral support while she cleans! I even helped…a little.

Tomorrow, I will be stopping by the Garden Flags store where Juanita and I will be taking care of a few things and planning for the next month! Then I’m having a sandwich & tea lunch with Evelyn and Miriam at noon. In the evening, I plan to attend the W&M v. VCU Men’s Basketball game with Lydia (and Carlie, I hope). And who knows what else the week has in store! But these past few days have really made me appreciate the friends and community I have here in town. It’s wonderful 🙂

Bonus! I have a final idea for some homemade items I will be making for people, and I only need a trip down to Newport News to accomplish it! Life is good right now.


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2 responses to “Fun Around Town!”

  1. Tim Rueb says :

    Interesting post. I like reading the occasional diary journal.

    Good luck on the Post a Week goal for the year.

  2. Joy says :

    I like Celestial Seasonings Wild Berry too!

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