Pondering many Possibilities

This new year has a lot in store for me! With so many opportunities, it’s difficult to determine where to devote myself. Primarily, I’m taking care of my mom and our house, and doing what I can to make sure our business has a stable income and our house remains becomes well-organized.  Organizing the closets, upstairs office, and video blogging are at the top of the list are among the projects mom and I intend to tackle.  However, this plan still allows for a great deal of freedom in my schedule, and I intend to utilize it!

I have already undertaken guitar lessons as a hobby.  Those are going well so far, if a little slowly.  The holidays interrupted my practice schedule, but I will devote myself to them again now that life has calmed down.  I am also training for a 5k along with my good friend Lydia who lives in the area.  We’re getting together to make our plans and pick a race later this week!  I am also looking into a yoga class in the area – starting with that new studio on Prince George Street.

But as to my other endeavors, much remains undetermined.  I want to spend some of that time volunteering – Campus Kitchens, Housing Partnerships and the Geo Department are at the top of my list.  I’m also looking into the possibility of joining a choir in the area – I do miss singing!  So, there’s that…  I was briefly contemplating taking a community college course, but I’m not sure I can swing it in time for the spring semester, which technically begins tomorrow!  Also, when I really sat down to think of my other plans and responsibilities, I began to think it could be too much!

I wonder in what other valuable ways I could invest my time?  These are just a few initial ideas I had … but there are so many more out there!  I’ll keep thinking, checking in, and following up on my resolutions, of course.


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One response to “Pondering many Possibilities”

  1. Joy says :

    Wow, you are one busy person! I could never keep up.

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