The OBX Can't Even Handle Me Right Now

This Tuesday marks our third day on Hatteras Island at a beautiful house in Buxton called Whispering Sands. Four of us drove down Sunday in a car packed full to the brim and met two other friends down here for a total of six. Later in the week, we will overlap with three more coming down, and the next night three of the original six will leave. So, we will only have nine for one night. Since the house can sleep 15+ adults, it’s quite spacious for our party, but that’s been quite nice.

The first evening as we were settling in, we had an easy dinner of BBQ, and took it easy. On the second day, we took a short ferry over to the Ocradoke Island to investigate that village. After driving through, we determined that Jason’s was the best option for lunch, and it was certainly delicious! From there, we stopped for souvineers at The Pirate’s Chest and antiques at Ditsy’s. We even walked up to the lighthouse, which is cool but much smaller than Hatteras. On the way back out to the ferry, we stopped and looked at the Ocracoke ponies, which are part of a breed that differs from all other ponies.

That night, mom made lasagna, and I got our Wii hooked up in the downstairs TV room! It was very exciting, because it enables me to play Just Dance 2, and many other games I brought. Cathy and I tried to use the hot tub, but we weren’t able to get it heated. Instead, I played Wii and went to bed early. Sort of. I was watching TV on Netflix and talking to friends, but it was still relaxing!

This morning, Cathy made us some delicious waffles! I think we’re planning to have them again on the morning when 9 of us are all here. I relaxed all morning, and then in the afternoon went down with mom and Cathy to the beach. It’s surprisingly nice weather given that it’s January! With the sun and the light wind, it was quite comfortable as we hunted for shells and attempted to fly a kite (remember when I said the wind was light…). Shortly after returning, Cathy and I decided to try out the hot tub. It was sure hot today and it felt wonderful! When we finally emerged, we found dinner in the oven, and it was quite yummy when it came out!

This has really been a relaxing vacation so far! I think we might check out a museum on Hatteras tomorrow morning, and play Bingo in the evening! I’ll try to update again before the week comes to a close. Until then, life is good at the beach!


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One response to “The OBX Can't Even Handle Me Right Now”

  1. Joy says :

    Sounds wonderful. We’ve been shovelling snow almost every day for two weeks up here in the north. šŸ™‚

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